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Blaenau Ffestiniog: 

This intercession came within the context of great satanic attack manifesting against the ministry in North Wales to bring it on its knees ready for destruction. Threats had been received by text message intimating destruction through “official channels.” The ministry here instead of bowing down to Jezebel had stood its ground for its rightful inheritance. “Letter of the law” tactics that destroy were employed but this was stood up against in the Spirit and position gained. The intercession following was captured on video. Here is the transcript.


Lord Jesus Christ, you manifested to destroy the works of the devil. Oh, Lord Jesus Christ your blood has washed and cleansed every sinner in this town of Blaenau Ffestiniog. Lord Jesus Christ, come down upon Blaenau Ffestiniog and send all the spirits into the pit of hell never to return.


Lord Jesus Christ, release this now I cry unto you that (the Jezebel named) be made absolutely powerless because every spirit that work in her come out………


Pray for the destruction of the work that comes from here going across North Wales – that it will be powerless Lord – that all that has been against the work of the ministry – shall not be able to do anything now and that all the finance needed that has been held back – that finance be released now in your name Jesus Christ.


Come to the heavenly treasurer and draw from him all the millions of pounds that is needed to set up every work.


We pray for the salvation of souls in Blaenau Ffestiniog, that the glory of God will come down …… that your glorious presence and peace will come – sinner be set free – do not be a hardened people, that they will be a people of the Living God. PRAISE YOU JESUS, Glory to your name Lord Jesus Christ.


All this came after a meeting held in Rhos On Sea on 6th. September 2011. This meeting offered a choice between the ministry of the North Wales Jezebel and its superficial loving kindness or the full surrender ministry of God. God had called Rev Dr Suresh Ramachandran, International Director of Studies, Bible College of Wales Continuing from Sri Lanka to give this word and you can view it at 


From then on after the September 2011 meeting, the ministry grew under the greatest persecution we had ever known. We give praise to the Lord, not only that we survived it but also because his Church College has grown enormously.


Is the growth of your ministry in God being held back? You can recognise Jezebel by the four literal meanings of that name. For our ministry to grow the Jezebel has had to be faced up to in intercession.


Meaning no. 1 -  Love [false love]: Jesus said, Hate the sin; love the sinner. Some people need a ‘kick on their back,’ rather than ‘loving-kindness.’ Look at examples from the early Church – e.g. Ananias & Sapphira in Acts 5.


Today, if you preach an ‘offensive’ sermon, ‘offensive’ is categorized by Jezebel. If such sermons are offensive, then so is the knife of the doctor who does surgery on you! When the Word of God, preached as it is, is offensive, it is offensive to Jezebel.


Meaning no.2 is ‘not exalted:’ We are in reality the sons of God. But Jezebel attacks us with false humility, pulling us down to ‘worm’ status.


Meaning no.3 is ‘Where is the prince?’ Meanings number 2 & 3 are contradictory. The Jezebel spirit will cause people to be proud of what they know & have learned. An example of this is the ‘Nicolaitans’ named after one of the deacons in Acts 6. They were a cult founded by the deacon Nicolas. Look at the irony of these 2 meanings, ‘false humility’ & ‘pride.’


Meaning no. 4 is ‘husbandlessness.’ the husband is the head. ‘Husbandlessness’ therefore is ‘willing to live without the head.’ See I Corinthians 12 – God has given apostles & prophets=leadership of the Church.


There are extremes here. Meaning no. 4 means to slay the apostles & prophets – you do not accept their leadership in your heart. Look at the churches today. If you want to see the world, you go to the church!


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