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North Wales: Here the ministry is growing with great persecution coming against it but the house built on the rock is standing firm. Above Bangor overlooking fields towards the Ogwen Valley God has given us word to build a new Chapel.


Intercession has taken place and been gained. Architects have been brought in view of building a Chapel holding about 500 people with full media and conference facilities. God is on the move forward with the Chapel Movement, it costing just about a million to build this Chapel. We believe! Will you join us in this project as we bring in students from all over the World into Wales – that which has been sown is to be brought back.”


Here we see Lindsay Griffiths crying out over these fields above Bangor, Chapel Pentecost which at the time was meeting at Pendalar Hall, Llanfairfechan on Sunday afternoons.


You may ask what has been happening. The answer is God writes Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths as the Lord has seen us through so many battles that we know it is him who has been and is and always will be in charge!


Seeing how God had called me back to mission hall days, a mission hall where Duncan Campbell, Gladys Aylward, Stanley Banks and Maynard James had all preached the full commitment message. Moving by the Spirit the Lord called Rev Dr Brian Mason to contact us so that we could come together as Intercessor and Prophet to bring the conditions for revival to occur. Lindsay and I are working full belt, my dear wife waking night after night on occasions as I spout out the Word of the Lord, she writes the Word down for you to read now.


A common theme is in the area of national warnings for this nation desperately needs God and the time is short. Like Rees Howells bought mansions, we are buying houses with media facilities and a professional TV HD studio at Mount Carmel College, Sri Lanka where Principal Rev Dr Suresh Ramachandran is setting up a studio from where we can reach the World. We have already bought one large house in Rhos On Sea where a Library Studio is being set up to broadcast lectures to online students and have our local students join us. We are in the process of claiming the existing Manse to clear it of loans and be fully owned by the Charity. From there to Lewis for a House of Intercession and then a College! This is what God is saying and we ask you to join us as led of the Lord in this huge task of reaching every creature in this generation.


The Prophetic warnings to the nation follow and I ask that you to show these to your colleagues and friends for now is the time for Britain to return to God.

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