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During the Summer of 2012 the ministry took a trip back to the West Coast of Scotland and onto Lewis. Intercession was gained at Fort William to remove the darkness that had betrayed so many of the people for so many years. Precious intercession trips were to bear their fruit with the leviathans of the West Coast bound, the islands set free and the glory of God in resurrection power to come.


Here is what God spoke through the Intercessor about the Hebrides shown in a quarter page of the Stornoway Gazette in March 2013.


Brian Mason: 

The Director of The Bible College of Wales Continuing opens his heart

Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord?  Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; Who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, Nor sworn deceitfully. Ps 24:3-4 

Lord Jesus what good news you bring when we hear that although all have sinned and come short of the glory of God you came into the world to save sinners. You accepted the agony of your betrayal in the garden of Gethsemane where you said, “Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless, not what I will, but what thou wilt.”


None of self but all for others we see in you. Lord you suffered more than anyone ever suffered. False witnesses came forward to speak against you. Lord for our sakes you were spat upon, buffeted and mocked. An outcast you became in the world you had created. O the pain of the thorns which adorned your head. What pain Lord, what pain you endured, all for me, all for those who read this prayer?


Lord what a cry from the cross was heard when you cried “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Then Lord your cry in accepting death was “It is finished.” What triumph, though, as through accepting death you conquered death that great enemy of mankind. Lord Jesus we can never thank you enough in time or eternity for all you have suffered on our behalf. Yet Jesus few realise what you have done for them.


Sinners refuse to accept you as their Saviour and in doing so seal their own destiny. For Lord you are the only way by which sins can be forgiven and the lines of communication opened with God. Sin, Lord, is still a barrier between the sinner and a holy God. Lord in your mercy hear my cry that once more sinners will cry to you in repentance and accept you as their Saviour and Lord because they have come to a realisation of their own sinfulness and are afraid of dying until they are reconciled with a holy God.


May the prospect of an eternity in the torments of hell shake the complacency of those who still resist your call for sinners to repent.  Lord bring new life to the Western Isles, your own life.


For in you Jesus is seen the life of God. Glory to your blood Jesus for there is power in the blood to cleanse wayward sinners. Lord Jesus Christ come and take your rightful place in our lives as you alone are worthy to receive glory, and honour, and power and blessing for the Bible says that you and you alone have to be given the pre-eminence.


This prayer seeks only to bring honour to the name of our God. Amen. Have you chosen my way or God’s way? God gives you free will to choose but this decision is the most important you have to make in this life. God’s way leads to the life God wants to give you. Your own way rejects God as you rather than God are on the throne of your life and this cuts you off from God and leads to hell when your time on earth is over.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your own Saviour and Lord? Sinner, believe that Jesus Christ died for you. Repent and ask Him to forgive your sin and come into your life. If you confess your sin and let it all go to the cross then God will forgive you and you will enter into eternal life.

For those who do know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord the words above show that to follow Christ today demands my soul, my life, my all. For you who fear God but fear not death, nor devils but seek clean hands and a pure heart, come forth.

Before returning via visits to our dear friends Jerry Lyons and Jim Figgis in the Borders a stronghold was smashed at Dunkeld Cathedral with its altars of “skull and bones,” the Cathedral itself having an altar to its Grandmaster Freemason, the Kirk of Scotland pulling itself apart at this time from its Reformation roots, allowing the Romans 1 injunction to be ignored, the Kirk itself being split between those of the traditional values and between those of Baal.

Can this really be a part of the National Kirk of Scotland - the Constitution - the Bible - God through the rhema of the Intercessor all say NO!

This split is right in God for what concord has Christ with Baal? The intercession brought things right out into the open and it is to God we give all the praise. There is a special place for Scotland in revival. Revival was stirred up on this visit and God has called this ministry to set up a house of intercession on the West Coast of Lewis reaching out to the New World, an Every Creature Commission Project to the Glory of God. You look left and see the pagan altar, the spiritual effects of these being removed on this trip. We can look forward to having Kirk in Scotland in revival looking to Jesus and turning away from its sins. As we write a trip to Ireland is about to take place. Please pray and we stand in Jesus Name! 

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