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Message through Intercessor Brian Mason



Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.


Hebrews chapter 12 verse 14


This verse could not be more definite in its meaning.  It speaks to believers and helps us to an understanding of who is a believer.  What does this say in relation to holiness?  We are told that God’s standard of life for believers is holiness.  Without holiness we are told no man shall see the Lord.  God’s condition for seeing Him both now and hereafter is holiness.


There is a definiteness here.  There is none of the compromise of the modern church.  Modern church thinking places emphasis on happiness.  God does not.  His standard is holiness.  The lack of holiness in lives brings into question whether many who call themselves Christian are born again.  Jesus was clear in His teaching that in order to know God we must be born again.


Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.


St John chapter 3 verse 3


These words were spoken by Jesus to Nicodemus.  Jesus is clear in His teaching when He says “cannot see the kingdom of God” and in verse 5 when He says “cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”  No compromise here and no exceptions.  This is where modern day Christianity is failing.  There is a lack of definiteness.  The standard is holiness in lives which have been born again and have had been brought into communication with God.  The opposite to holiness is sin.  There needs to no compromise for it is not the traditions of men or the church but only the Word of God which can show us God’s standards.  These standards are a holy life which is only possible once sin, not in part but the whole has been destroyed in the life of a sinner.


Let there be clarity that everyone who is not born again and because of this cannot live a holy life will never see God and therefore will not go to be with Him when he or she leaves this world.  Why might you ask?  Again the answer is found in God’s word.  Not the words of the traditions of men but words spoken with authority because they come from God. 


The earth was created perfectly with the first man Adam having fellowship with God and having dominion over the earth.


And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let him have dominion.


Genesis chapter 1 verse 26


All went well whilst Adam obeyed.  However, there was a created being who had been cast out of heaven who caused Adam to be disobedient to God.  Jesus knew all about this vile being.  Jesus said:


And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightening fall from heaven.


St Luke chapter 10 verse 18


Adam sinned and because of his sin all since Adam are born with sin.  Satan robbed Adam of his rightful place.  The Word of God is clear that Satan is the god of this world.


In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of god, should shine unto them.


2 Corinthians chapter 4 verse 4


There is a perfect thread through God’s word.  Adam was created to rule the earth for God.  Satan a created being challenged God and was cast out of heaven.  Satan caused Adam to sin.  Instead of holiness being the nature of man this was replaced by sin and Satan took over control of the earth and in doing so has control of every man and woman born since Adam.  It is only when the sinful nature is replaced by the divine nature and holiness rather than sin is in control that men and women are restored to the original purpose of God.


There is only one way to bring about this restoration and that is through the finished work of Jesus.  It is the cleansing blood of Jesus which alone can cleanse from indwelling sin.  Sin has to be removed before holiness can come in the place of sin.  Sin not just a part but the whole is dealt with when faith trusts in the full sufficiency of the Atonement made on the cross.  This is the message according to God’s word which is rejected by the majority of what is called Christianity today.  Satan as the god of this world is a master at keeping the fallen race, that is everyone without exception, shut up to faith in Jesus.  Without a living faith whereby men and women are reconciled to God through the blood of Jesus and brought into communication with God then hell will be far more populated than heaven. 


For those who have been born again there is the need to grow in the spiritual life.  Their spirits have been made alive as the once dead spirit is in communication with God.  Holiness of life is God’s standard.  The Word of God calls for purity of heart.  The need of today is for holiness of life.  The Holy Spirit is God’s means of bringing God’s standard of holiness and purity of life into the believer.  This is the work of entire sanctification whereby the once controlling power of sin having been destroyed when the believer is born again is transformed into a life which shows forth the life of Jesus. 


The Christian life is one which should bear nothing of the old sinful life.  How can it be anything but having a life which is full of holiness?  Not the teaching of the false church with its clinging to the fallen nature of man and allowing the keeping of parts of the old sinful life.  How could this be so for it is not scriptural?  Light cannot share with darkness.  Sin as has been shown is the direct opposite of holiness.  It is God’s standard of holiness alone which is acceptable to God.   Have you sought after God’s standard or are you still under the control of the god of this world?

In view of this message through Brian Mason, we are led to be reminded of what God had given A.W. Tozer in 1966 about “The New Cross”. It is so relevant today ...

The Old Cross

and the New

ALL UNANNOUNCED AND MOSTLY UNDETECTED there has come in modern times a new cross into popular evangelical circles. It is like the old cross, but different: the likenesses are superficial; the differences, fundamental.


From this new cross has sprung a new philosophy of the Christian life, and from that new philosophy has come a new evangelical technique-a new type of meeting and a new kind of preaching. This new evangelism employs the same language as the old, but its content is not the same and its emphasis not as before.


The old cross would have no truck with the world. For Adam's proud flesh it meant the end of the journey. It carried into effect the sentence imposed by the law of Sinai. The new cross is not opposed to the human race; rather, it is a friendly pal and, if understood aright, it is the source of oceans of good clean fun and innocent enjoyment. It lets Adam live without interference. His life motivation is unchanged; he still lives for his own pleasure, only now he takes delight in singing choruses and watching religious movies instead of singing bawdy songs and drinking hard liquor. The accent is still on enjoyment, though the fun is now on a higher plane morally if not intellectually.


The new cross encourages a new and entirely different evangelistic approach. The evangelist does not demand abnegation of the old life before a new life can be received. He preaches not contrasts but similarities. He seeks to key into public interest by showing that Christianity makes no unpleasant demands; rather, it offers the same thing the world does, only on a higher level. Whatever the sin-mad world happens to be clamoring after at the moment is cleverly shown to be the very thing the gospel offers, only the religious product is better.


The new cross does not slay the sinner, it redirects him. It gears him into a cleaner and jollier way of living and saves his self-respect. To the self-assertive it says, "Come and assert yourself for Christ." To the egotist it says, "Come and do your boasting in the Lord." To the thrill seeker it says, "Come and enjoy the thrill of Christian fellowship." The Christian message is slanted in the direction of the current vogue in order to make it acceptable to the public.

The philosophy back of this kind of thing may be sincere but its sincerity does not save it from being false. It is false because it is blind. It misses completely the whole meaning of the cross.


The old cross is a symbol of death. It stands for the abrupt, violent end of a human being. The man in Roman times who took up his cross and started down the road had already said good-by to his friends. He was not coming back. He was going out to have it ended. The cross made no compromise, modified nothing, spared nothing; it slew all of the man, completely and for good. It did not try to keep on good terms with its victim. It struck cruel and hard, and when it had finished its work, the man was no more.


The race of Adam is under death sentence. There is no commutation and no escape. God cannot approve any of the fruits of sin, however innocent they may appear or beautiful to the eyes of men. God salvages the individual by liquidating him and then raising him again to newness of life.

That evangelism which draws friendly parallels between the ways of God and the ways of men is false to the Bible and cruel to the souls of its hearers. The faith of Christ does not parallel the world, it intersects it. In coming to Christ we do not bring our old life up onto a higher plane; we leave it at the cross. The corn of wheat must fall into the ground and die.


We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.


God offers life, but not an improved old life. The life He offers is life out of death. It stands always on the far side of the cross. Whoever would possess it must pass under the rod. He must repudiate himself and concur in God's just sentence against him.


What does this mean to the individual, the condemned man who would find life in Christ Jesus? How can this theology be translated into life? Simply, he must repent and believe. He must forsake his sins and then go on to forsake himself. Let him cover nothing, defend nothing, excuse nothing. Let him not seek to make terms with God, but let him bow his head before the stroke of God's stern displeasure and acknowledge himself worthy to die.


Having done this let him gaze with simple trust upon the risen Saviour, and from Him will come life and rebirth and cleansing and power. The cross that ended the earthly life of Jesus now puts an end to the sinner; and the power that raised Christ from the dead now raises him to a new life along with Christ.

To any who may object to this or count it merely a narrow and private view of truth, let me say God has set His hallmark of approval upon this message from Paul's day to the present. Whether stated in these exact words or not, this has been the content of all preaching that has brought life and power to the world through the centuries. The mystics, the reformers, the revivalists have put their emphasis here, and signs and wonders and mighty operations of the Holy Ghost gave witness to God's approval.


Dare we, the heirs of such a legacy of power, tamper with the truth? Dare we with our stubby pencils erase the lines of the blueprint or alter the pattern shown us in the Mount? May God forbid. Let us preach the old cross and we will know the old power. (A. W. Tozer, Man, the Dwelling Place of God, 1966)

A Prayer for today through Intercessor Brian Mason ……


But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.


Galatians chapter 6 verse 14


Lord Jesus Christ may your remnant Church be set apart from both the world and all that is carnal.  Lord may the world and the flesh have no hold on those who claim to be Christian. 


Like Paul may each one who knows you as Saviour and Lord be totally crucified unto the world and the old carnal life of the flesh.  Lord, blessed Lord and Master, bring your Church to the understanding that the Church is composed of people separated from sin and unto God.  A Church separate from sinners!  The Church should be a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, to show forth the praises of you Lord Jesus who has called each living stone out of darkness into your marvelous light. 


The Church is the light of the world: the salt of the earth.  The Church is the Bride of Christ whose delight should be to faithfully keep herself to you alone.  Lord Jesus what is found today amongst the majority who call themselves Christian?  Nothing but apostasy having blind leaders of the blind, worldliness and carnality! 


Lord how your heart must grieve when social events, entertainments of all kinds, and a seeking to satisfy the flesh are prevalent.  Places which are no better than the temple when you drove the animals and money changers from within because your Father’s house should have been a house of prayer. 


Lord the apostasy and spiritual deadness today are no different to other periods in the Church’s history.   Turn us Lord back to glory in the cross alone so that just as in the other black and desperate times in the Church’s history have come a season of revival. 


This prayer seeks only to bring honor and glory to the name of our God.  Amen. 

It is appropriate to thank God for the life of Norman Grubb, author of Rees Howells Intercessor,  in this introduction who wrote articles like this:  Revival Today

By Norman Grubb August 1958

The Holy Spirit in the earthly Body of Christ has always been God’s continuous answer to the assaults of Satan. He is now in His Body, ever seeking to release Himself in power through His people. And that is another way of speaking revival. We believe that God’s answer to Satan today is constant, world-wide revival, and we do not believe this comes in some far-off event. Some of us are seeing Him working in revival power in our lives and those of others. It is no difficult thing. The Reviver always witnesses to the Blood. The Blood always cleanses from sin. Sin is always recognized when we call anything in our lives which is less than God’s perfection, what He calls it, SIN, and no longer call it by some less humiliating name, such as infirmity, natural make-up, weak spot, nerves, difficult circumstances, or difficult neighbor.


To confess my sins is to call them what God calls them (for the word “confess” means to “speak the same thing”) and the Blood never cleanses excuses, but always cleanses confessed sin. Conviction in the light of God, confessing, cleansing, cups running over – that is continuous revival. And when these continuous gracious dealings with the Lord in our daily lives are shared in fellowship with others, that is revival transmitted. It is as simple as that. Individuals and churches world-wide are beginning to experience and walk, this daily walk with Jesus, this revival walk with Him and one another.


Revival is as near to us as that; indeed it is in our heart and in our mouth, as Paul said. This is God’s present-day answer to Satan and it is within reach of us all – to walk the revival way ourselves, to learn to walk it in two’s and three’s in our homes, to walk it as church communities and to pray for the immediate spread of it through the whole Church. 

The Challenge Continues with this Message given through Intercessor Brian Mason 13 March 2013




For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, And floods upon the dry ground.

Isaiah chapter 44 verse 3
What a word we have before us, a word to challenge the easy going, soon satisfied Christianity which is the norm today. God wants to give us all that He has to give if only He can find those who will come to him on his own terms.
A condition is to give God his rightful place. God has to be given the reverence that must only be given to God. It is to the creator that reverence is due not to the creature as is evidenced in today’s society. With God there is no room for the flesh and the life which says I rather than God has my life. Man was created to commune with God and did so until the disobedience of Adam. This disobedience is still part of every person on earth today who has not been reconciled to God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. How could it be otherwise when Saint Paul declares:
That no flesh should glory in His presence.


1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 29
How can sinful man glory in the presence of a holy God? This is the God who has said:
I am the Lord, and there is none else, There is no God beside me.


Isaiah chapter 45 verse 5
God is God because He unlike everyone else He is holy. It is His holiness which sets Him apart from all other gods or people. It was the holiness of God which Isaiah had seen which reduced him to nothing in his own estimation. This is why Isaiah had one of the deepest insights into the character of God that anyone has received.
And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: The whole earth is full of His glory.


Isaiah chapter 6 verse 3
Has the Church today accepted that the whole character of God and His dealings with mankind are based on His holiness? I would say no for God is treated with familiarity rather than reverence. Where self is still reigning God is not to be found. This is why there is a lack of power in the Church. There is a reliance on human thinking rather than seeing the supernatural acts of God.


 It is possible to claim to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord but still to be so wrapped up in our own agenda that God is not asked what he wants to do. The concept of all but a small minority is what can God do for me or at best what can I do for God. What God is looking for are those who not only see God as holy and for who He is but are willing to be made willing for God in the person of the Holy Spirit to live through their body. It is as though the teaching of the early Church as seen in the New Testament no longer applies.


How else could the early Church be so dynamic? It was because the Holy Spirit lived in and through those who had given their lives to him. Look at Peter, look at Paul as examples. These were men who when the Holy Spirit took full control of them it was another power who had taken over and it was the life and power of God that was being manifested through their bodies. Their thoughts and words became those of the Holy Spirit. Is this still possible today? Of course it is but only for those who will accept God’s conditions.
God is God because he is holy but where is the teaching of holiness today? Without lives which are holy then we will never know the Holy Spirit living in and manifesting through us the life and power of God. Sanctification is not a popular subject for the reason that all that is unclean has to go to the cross.


Every last part of the corrupt self-life has to go. The Holy Spirit will not share his life with us. He and He alone must live in us and he is God. That is why the Church today is inept at best. Man lives for his own self, thinking he knows better than God. Unless Jesus Christ is enthroned in your life it is you and not God who reigns. A powerless Church will still continue to go its own way pleasing itself instead of submitting to God. However, there is glorious hope in the words of Isaiah.

Isaiah speaks of pouring water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground. Who will believe this today? It is in the Bible so it is there to be believed and acted upon. Whether as an individual, a group who prays together or a church these promises are there to be acted upon. Are we prepared to call upon God until he answers?


This was certainly the case with Christine and Peggy Smith who prayed for months on these words alone before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the revival on the Isle of Lewis in 1949.


Life today demands that which is instant! Are there still those who are prepared to go on their faces before God and cry unto Him on the basis of His character and that He is bound to His covenant promises until the throne of God is touched and the floods of the Holy Spirit’s sounds from heaven are once more heard? It will cost everything for this to happen again. The self-centered church is not a fit tool to touch the throne of God for it is unclean!


Only those men and women of God who have no self-interests but are the cleansed vessels who the Holy Spirit lives through them can reach this level with God! This is none other than walking in heavenly places where dwells the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Few today have reached that place of power to touch the throne of God because they will not accept God’s terms for engagement. Are you prepared to be an exception to the norm?


 If so you may be open to hear the Holy Spirit calling you join us as a student or worker at Bible College Continuing. There is not one thought of self at this college as it is open to all because the Holy Spirit challenged me to drop charging tuition fees and instead provide free tuition for every subject leading to the honours degree so I have requested that the web site be amended accordingly. Is there another Bible College in the world which will provide free tuition for every student?

God continues to speak through this message dated

……. 22 March 2013


There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment, He that feareth is not made perfect in love.


1 John chapter 4 verse 18


What a thought to be perfect in love that is to have the love of Christ within us.   Not something which may be possible but that which has happened!  Why might this be so?  It is on the basis that we can be partakers of the divine nature.  O to be like the one who loved us and gave Himself for us.  Our blessed Lord who endured the cross, despising its shame.  The one who is perfect because He is God and our confidence is in this person who came into the world to save sinners, none other than Jesus the eternal Son of God.  If we can only but grasp who it is who is perfect love we can press further into Him and grow more and more like Him with each passing moment.


Fear is the opposite to the life which John is speaking about in his epistle for it robs the peace which is the rightful place of the Christian.  When there is a disturbance of our peace it certainly does not come from God.  Look at what Jesus said:


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.


St John chapter 10 verse 10


What a word we have here.  Satan is the thief who will seek to rob the Christian not only of their peace but the glorious abundance of the life of Jesus, the only life which brings true satisfaction for in Jesus not only do we find our purpose in life but the means of fulfilling the outworking of this life.  Let us be aware that there is an enemy who has many subtle disguises to look to instill fear even into Christians.  Satan is a past master on using fear as one of his most powerful weapons.  We need look no further than the fear element in other faiths and other world systems.  However, fear is not a component of the Christian life.  Fear was destroyed by the Master when he destroyed the devil at Calvary.  Let us stand firm whenever fear seeks to creep into our hearts and cast it to where it belongs, the pit of hell.


Why have we such confidence that perfect love casts out fear?  It is because in the verse we are considering we are told that “perfect love casteth out fear.”  Casteth out: gone, no more to trouble us for we have one greater within us than the spirit of fear!  This blessed Jesus is stronger than all the powers of hell.  In  His earthly ministry we find an abundance of examples where He was in total control of those powers of hell which had sought to do their utmost to torment, disfigure and destroy the lives in whom they had taken possession.  A prime example being the man named Legion who on seeing Jesus the scriptures tells us:


But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him.


St Mark chapter 5 verse 6


The people who knew Legion lived in fear of this man who could not be fettered as he would break his chains.  None could tame him until he saw the Master.  What a transformation took place when Legion was set free and the demons were cast into hell. 


There is only one solution to lives which are tormented.  To the Christian it is the recognition that when his or her peace is disturbed by fear to take the necessary action which is to call upon the name of Jesus in order to be rid of the fear. 


To the non-Christian there needs to be an awakening to the only one who has the answer.  Human thinking can only think in human terms.  There needs to be a quickening, a realisation that God is a spirit and we will never know Him unless our spirits are awakened.  Why is there so much fear today in a world which in the main rejects the Lord of life?  It is because of spiritual death. 


These are lives which do not have the life of God within them.  It cannot be explained away that there is not a spiritual element to life.  The so called wise and important of this world do not hold the answers to spiritual conditions.  How can they?  Only those who are born again into the realm of God can understand the things of God.  Nicodemus found this a hard thing to grasp.  Jesus spoke to Nicodemus of the spirit world for it is only there that the God who is a spirit can be known.  Our dead spirits have to be quickened, that is, brought to life otherwise we shall never come to know God.  This is by faith.  It is an act whereby we need the Holy Spirit to open our hearts so that we see that we are sinners and that our sin unless forgiven and taken away will forever keep us from knowing God. 


That which is born of flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.


St John chapter 3 verse 6


May the originator of life through the same Holy Spirit who indwelt Jesus during His earthly ministry open hearts in our day to a realisation of sin for unless there is conviction of sin how can sinners repent?  Lord, grant a mighty outpouring of conviction upon sinners throughout the world who will come to know you as Saviour and Lord. 


For those who know this wonderful blessed Lord who has quickened our lives with His own life press on to receive all He wants to give us.  This is the life which knows God not as someone operating outside of us in some arbitrary way but God in all His fullness living within us through the Holy Spirit, a life just like that of Jesus.  This is the deeper, fuller life.  Not only the person of the Holy Spirit within us living His own life but for us to reach out for the additional experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.   On receiving the  initial experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit  there is then the  continual daily infilling of fresh supplies of power for in our day there is a distinct lack of the unction of the Holy Spirit in ministry.    This is not to be found through human endeavours but is divine and can only come from one source that being the Holy Spirit Himself.  


What a difference though when the Holy Spirit comes into us both as a person and in the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Two distinct experiences but both equally as necessary if we are to know all which God has for us.  Those who have both of these experiences are fearless, powerful men and women of God for it is God then working through them. 


It is His life not ours which will stand up to all the power of Satan and recognise the workings of Satan when he is disturbing and destroying lives which even in our own day there are those who are demon possessed.  Human thinking will refuse to accept such a thing as demon possession.  Do not be deceived as just as demonic activity was prevalent in our Lord’s Day and was encountered throughout the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth it has not suddenly ceased. 


Satan has been successful to the degree that it is not openly spoken about or confronted in the direct way Smith Wigglesworth would have taken action and commanded devils  to come out in the name of Jesus.    Demonic spirits are still at work in and through people today.  Is it not time for the Holy Spirit to be able to find those through whom he can destroy the works of the devil which are disturbing and destroying lives today, even in so called civilised western society. 


In parts of Africa and Asia our Christian brethren would confront and cast out these demonic spirits.  Let us not fear, for our all-conquering, risen, glorified Lord is still the same today as when the demons possessing Legion were ordered out and cast to the place even they feared, that of hell, the place where they  have to go  for there is no means of escape.  Hell is feared by demonic spirits so beware all who refuse Jesus for this according to God’s word is your appointed place when you die.  Jesus died for our sins and rose for our justification.  He is just the same today and waits to make us whole in body, mind and spirit.  O the joy to know we are His and He is ours.  One with Him now for as He is so are we in the world then when we leave this world to worship the Lamb around His throne for evermore.

The power of God through intercession can only come through those whose lives are holy and pure. These are people who know ENTIRE SANCTIFICATION and the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. At the beginning the early UK pioneers of the Assemblies of God knew their own personal Pentecost. Not only that! They knew to warn of the higher criticism of Germany that in 1924 had begun to infiltrate our country. This is why we have as our Key Task 1 in our Mission Statement the Jeremiah 1:10

pulling down of infiltrations that deny Jesus as the Christ.

The first edition of the UK Assemblies of God magazine, Redemption Tidings

gives warning of the Higher Criticism of Germany brought into Britain through Professor Peake.

Smith Wigglesworth was effective after his own personal Pentecost, people could not recognise him, and they wanted what he had got. This was the empowerment to reach every creature, to reach every person with the Gospel that was alive, not compromised through the higher critical sources so relied on today.


This is why in our College we have a great study of this infiltration, to bring out into the open what has happened through study of this 19th. Century material so that we can show the world the difference between Christ and Baal!

Smith Wigglesworth was effective after his own personal Pentecost, people could not recognise him, and they wanted what he had got. This was the empowerment to reach every creature, to reach every person with the Gospel that was alive, not compromised through the higher critical sources so relied on today.


This is why in our College we have a great study of this infiltration, to bring out into the open what has happened through study of this 19th. Century material so that we can show the world the difference between Christ and Baal!


This brings us to Intercessor Brian Mason’s first intercession since coming to Wales and this was over the Pentecostal Denominations, Elim, Assemblies of God, and Apostolic!


Since then the splits in their ranks have become obvious, there being remnant traditionalists in all three groupings who are now making their stand against the higher critical training of their Colleges and those who have sunk into the evils of false revivals. The Bible College of Wales Continuing in its Higher Criticism 1 & 2 courses clearly has identified the distinctions for the benefit of all three groupings.


What is amazing is how Bible College of Wales Lecturer David P Griffiths refused an offer of a degree from Manchester University as led of the Holy Ghost, he being given the Assemblies of God 1924 magazine to show him the reasons why! Proof of this above!


The coming together of this Continuing College has been the result of great intercession, that intercession facing up to what had come into destroy the Pentecostal Denominations – now set free to decide which way they will go and to whom they will serve. It will involve much humbling but the small remnant of the founders has stood firm and we support them. 


As A W Tozer pointed out there is an old cross and a new - this intercession was all about restoring the Old Cross - David P Griffiths's refusal of Elim's Manchester degree was in respect of the founders of Elim whose movement was stolen by the rebels of the new, revels who bowed down to the very University the Assemblies of God warned of in 1924.

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