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A life devoted to prayer and intercession is one that brings the conditions for God to move through his empty vessels who are as HIM on this earth, HIS BODY, HIS FLESH, HIS BONES.


From this heart comes these prayers, prayers that deal with subjects not that man could reveal wisdom about but in depth material that we look to partner with prayer warriors around the World.


Could you be called to this life of prayer?



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Prayers in relation to JESUS; Abandonment, Revival, The Word, Walking in the Heavenly Places, The Cross, Salvation, The Christian Walk, Suffering, the Apostolic & Prophetic, The Remnant, Infiltrations, International Matters, Wales, Pentecostal Denominations, Santification & the restoration in North Wales of the Bible College of Wales.

Prayer: 06 08 18

Pray without ceasing.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Heavenly Father may there be a right conception about prayer at a time of self-centred rather than God-centred prayer.


Prayer should be like the breath in our lungs and blood from our hearts. Both of these flow ceaselessly and we are not conscious that this is going on. We are not always conscious that Jesus is keeping us in perfect joint with God but when we are obeying Him then He will do this.


Prayer then becomes our life rather than an exercise.


Lord Jesus ever keep us abiding in yourself so that ceaseless prayer shall be our everyday life.



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